Stanley Restaurant—the mysterious new addition to the Howard Smith Wharves bringing traditional Cantonese flavours to Brisbane’s river front—reached out to Ampd to create a high-quality audio environment to compliment the stunning two-level space.


With newly appointed Head Chef, Louis Tikaram, inspired by his travels around the globe yet grounded by his local roots, Stanley Restaurant combines the best in mostly locally sourced produce with a philosophy centered around great food, friends, fishermen and farmers.

Showcasing some of the best seafood, meat, vegetables and fruit in the world, Tikaram’s traditional Cantonese flavours, coupled with his fresh perspective and out of the box thinking, add to the unique experience that Stanley has to offer.

Stanley Restaurant Brisbane

The Challenge

Stanley needed help with designing and implementing an audio system that delivered high quality audio that was balanced with even coverage across the two-story venue, including both indoor and outdoor.

The audio system also needed a single touch point that was simple to use in order to control the system allowing any staff member to maximise use of the system depending on the atmosphere required. The system also needed to provide automatic control to allow specific level adjustments to comply with time specific liquor licensing levels.

Our Solution


By initially designing, modeling and confirming layouts before installation, our technicians were able to deliver a custom, high-quality and streamlined selection of Martin Audio speakers with powerful QSYS audio control.

In order to maintain the dark and moody atmosphere of the Stanley dining experience, our team worked closely with interior designers and other trades to find the ideal locations to deliver the highest quality sound and audio coverage while complementing the intricate wood panelling that line the walls and ceilings. A complete tuning of the system was also performed to deliver optimum audio quality throughout the entire venue.

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Delivering audio both inside and outside the restaurant, our team implemented a series of Martin Audio CDD8 and CDD6 speakers, which included weatherised units for seamless audio when transitioning from inside to outside areas. These outdoor weatherised speakers were hidden in the surrounding gardens to maintain the restaurant’s aesthetic and the immersive experience for customers.

The signature sound of Martin Audio’s ceiling speaker range continues to deliver a seamless audio experience throughout the back hallways and bathrooms of the restaurant. No matter where customers are, they are fully immersed in the Stanley experience.

Finally, in order to provide simple and seamless control over the entire audio system, our design included a QSys touch screen with custom UCI that allows the user to adjust zone levels and audio sources. The QSys System adjusts audio levels automatically at specific times in the evening so owners and managers never need to worry about being in compliance with strict liquor licensing levels.

Skilled designers and technicians working alongside your business to create robust, fully integrated systems perfectly crafted to suit your needs.

The Results

Through meticulous planning, design and collaboration, we were able to deliver a high-quality audio system that compliments both the jaw-dropping interiors and the mouth watering menu of the Stanley restaurant.

Our optimised audio solution delivers balanced coverage throughout the entire venue while contributing powerful elements that enhance the overall atmosphere and customer experience.

Finally, our automated solution is simple to use and ensures that audio levels adjust automatically at appropriate times throughout the day so that Stanley staff never have to worry about audio levels not being in compliance with liquor licensing levels.

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