How your venue's music affects buying behaviour

How does the music I play affect my business?

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Music plays a vital role in creating atmosphere, altering moods and impacting human behaviour. But just how powerful of a tool can your business’ professional audio system be?

An increasing number of studies around ambience and atmospheric music have highlighted just how big of a role music plays in a customer’s overall experience, as well as the significant impact music has on product sales and growth.

Hospitality and retail environments who utilise music that compliments their brand and target audience have even seen sales growth of up to 9%.

While this might seem like a relatively new discovery, research into the effects of music and atmospherics on human behaviour has a lengthy history.

How does music affect buying behaviour?

Does music in shops really increase sales?

An article published by Ronald E. Millman in the Journal of Marketing found that customer’s purchased and consumed based on the tempo of ambient music.

Millman found that when background music was fast, customers bought less, walked faster, purchased only what they came in for and spent little to no time browsing.

However, when the tempo slowed down, so did customers, which resulted in more time spent browsing and even more money spent.

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Why do restaurants have background music?

Restaurants and bars often intentionally use their music and atmospherics to encourage patrons to eat faster. ThisĀ leads to faster table turns and increased sales, just by playing faster tempo music within their venue.

Philip kotler – Journal of Retailing

“In some cases, the place, the atmosphere of the place, is more influential than the product itself in the purchase decision. In some cases, the atmosphere is the primary product.”

These principles also apply in the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, and spas.

A study titled The Psychological Effects of Music found that, in physical environments, music can:

  • Cause guests to spend more time and money in an establishment
  • Influence buyer / seller interactions
  • Improve customers’ attitudes during wait times
  • Amend guests’ perceptions of brand personality and decor
  • Enhance employee productivity
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But all of this doesn’t matter if your audio system doesn’t provide an even coverage of sound throughout your space.

For example, the volume of your music can impact your customer moods and behaviours in significantly different ways.

Loud music, caused by hot-spots (overlapping speakers) or uneven sound coverage, can cause patrons to spend less time and money in your store or venue. This is where professional audio installation is vital.

A professional audio solution, installed by knowledgeable technicians, ensures your system evenly covers your space with sound.

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To ensure a seamless and consistent experience, no matter where your patrons are in your store or venue, our expert audio technicians design your audio environment while accounting for a number of different factors:

  • Speaker distance and volume
  • Sonic reflections and reverberation
  • Conditions created by room shapes
  • Ceiling heights
  • Presence or absence of walls
  • Overlapping, so as not to create audio hot-spots with increased volume

When the right music completely fills a space, it creates an atmosphere that enhances your brand and encourages people to buy. At Ampd, we offer a wide range of audio, visual and lighting solutions that are designed specifically to fit the needs of a retail and hospitality environment

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