Service Department – Terms & Conditions

1. It is the responsibility of the customer to back up all stored data on their equipment as the repair process may affect data storage.

2. Ampd is not responsible for any damage to equipment that is sent or returned via a freight or courier service. Please ensure equipment is well packed, items delivered will be sent back in original packaging supplied by the client. Freight costs to and from Ampd Group Pty Ltd are the responsibility of the client and will be charged on the final invoice if applicable.

3. Test and Assessment Fee (Non-Warranty Items)

a. All items delivered to be repaired incur a Test and Assessment fee. The Test and Assessment fee is payable upfront. Works will not be carried out until the Test and Assessment fee has been paid by the client.

b. The Test and Assessment fee is $120.00 INC GST, which covers 60 minutes of technician’s time to assess and estimate the cost of the repair. In some cases, the Test and Assessment may require additional time, and the Test and Assessment Fee will be higher than the $120.00 Minimum. In this case, the client will be advised of the cost of the Test and Assessment fee once booking form has been received.

c. Ampd will issue an invoice for the Test and Assessment fee upon booking of the Service requested item, this fee is then deducted from the estimate to repair. Once test and assessment fee has been paid, the item will be booked in for repair.

4. For urgent assessments, we offer an Express Test & Assessment which is $280.00 Inc GST. For this service we can guarantee a turnaround time for the Test and Assessment of 2 business days. This express service applies to the Test and Assessment only. Timeframe of the actual repair is dependent on parts availability.

5. Once a Test and Assessment has been completed, Ampd will provide the customer with a Repair Estimate. All times and expenses detailed are estimates only.

6. The invoice is sent upon completion of repair. Items cannot be returned or released to the client until the final invoice has been paid. ALL NON WARRANTY Repairs are covered by a 90 day service warranty, which covers the parts fitted and the fault repaired. The warranty commences from the invoice date, not the collection date. If a fault is deemed to be caused by installation/operation, additional charges will apply.

7. If, after completing repairs outlined on the estimate, an additional fault is discovered that was previously undetectable due to the original fault, we will contact the client before proceeding further. At this time, we will provide an additional Repair Estimate. When an additional Repair Estimate is provided and it is declined, all previously approved, completed estimates will still be payable before the item can be released. By declining further repair work, the repaired goods may not be functioning at full capability.

8. Service items are to be collected within 14 days of completion. After 14 days the client will incur a storage fee of $22.00 INC GST per week which will be added to the final invoice. Items will be held for up to 6 months after the initial invoice date after which the item becomes the property of Ampd Group Pty Ltd and will be sold in accordance with the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act (1967) to recover costs. (Please note your invoice for the test and assessment Fee is also your copy of the legally required Repair Notice in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Regulations 2010).

9. Test and Assessment Fee (Warranty Items)

a. If claiming a repair under warranty, prior to completing the Ampd Repair Booking Form, you must produce a copy of the Repair Authorisation and Proof of Purchase from your Original Place of Purchase or Distributor for the product.

b. A fully legible copy of the Receipt of purchase and a Repair Authorisation document must be attached to the booking form. Test and Assessment will not commence until this proof of warranty is received.

c. If warranty claim is rejected the Test & Assessment fee will be payable immediately. If you have any questions you should contact your original place of purchase.


Payment Methods:

1. Direct Deposit
Account Name: Ampd Electronics
Bank: Suncorp
BSB: 484-799
Account: 607246021
Please include a copy of your direct-deposit remittance advice with this form or email to:

2. Credit Cards
Credit card payment can be made over the phone, in person at the Ampd Electronics premises or using the link provided in our emailed invoice. 1.98% surcharge will apply (3.85% surcharge will apply using Amex)

(07) 3311 6049

Unit 2/20 Bishop St, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059