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Goodtimes Gelateria is the lively and colourful addition to Howard Smith Wharves that brings an incredible range of flavours, locally sourced produce, scooping good vibes and incredibly delicious gelato to Brisbane’s riverfront. Goodtimes Gelateria reached out to Ampd to deliver an immersive audio environment that compliments the eye-popping George Livissianis-designed space.


Goodtimes Gelateria is Brisbane’s newest sweet treat haven made from premium ingredients, French chocolate, Maleny dairy products and the best in locally sourced fresh fruit and produce from Queensland farmers.

With HSW’s award-winning Executive Pastry Chef, Rhian Shellshear, who represented Australia at the celebrated international pastry contest Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie and spent time at Quay, Gelato Messina and Adriano Zumbo, Goodtimes Gelateria creates 22 tantalising flavours the traditional way with authentic Italian equipment.

The store’s bright colours, fun decorations and cartoonish graphics drives Goodtimes’ timeless appeal to both adults and children.

Goodtimes Gelato Outside Speaker

The Challenge

Goodtimes Gelateria needed help designing and implementing a sound system that delivered a high-quality and immersive audio experience, both inside the store and out, while complimenting the store’s unique style.

The system needed to have a simple, centralised and user-friendly touch point that allowed all levels of staff the ability to control the system with ease. Likewise, due to strict noise restrictions that allow fluctuating levels throughout the day, Goodtimes Gelateria needed a system that would allow for specific level adjustments across the whole store to comply with time specific restrictions.

Our Solution

In order to deliver seamless audio both inside and outside the venue, our team implemented a series of Martin Audio CDD8 speakers complimented by a X210 Subwoofer. This included the weatherised ultra-compact two-way CDD8-WR loudspeaker system designed specifically to handle changing environmental conditions.

Utilising a QSC MP Series Processor with MFC Wall plate controller, we were able to deliver a simple and easy to use interface for all Goodtimes Gelateria staff that didn’t detract from the store’s colourful and lively aesthetic.

In order to address the strict noise restrictions, our technicians set up automatic audio level adjustments using the QSC MP-M40 processor. This system adjusts audio levels automatically throughout the day to ensure Goodtime Gelateria is always in compliance with noise restriction guidelines so managers, owners and staff never need to worry.

– 2 x Martin Audio CDD8
– 1 x Martin Audio X210
– 2 x Martin Audio CDD8-WR

– 1 x QSC MP-M40 Processor
– 1 x QSC MP-MFC Controller

Goodtime Gelato Brisbane Shop Front at Howard Smith Wharves

The Results

Partnering with Goodtimes Gelateria from the beginning of their project allowed our team to design and implement a custom, high-quality sound system that fully integrates with the overall HSW site while complimenting the bright and bustling space.

Our optimised and cost-effective audio solutions tailored to the specific environment will continue to deliver an immersive and high-quality audio experience now and into the future. Our automated system, coupled with the easy to use interface, provides a stressfree user experience and ensures the Goodtimes Gelateria tunes are always in compliance with noise restrictions.

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