Cavcorp, a prominent name associated with architectural excellence and innovative design, collaborated with Ampd Electronics to craft a sophisticated and immersive audio-visual experience for their latest rooftop project, Luminare.

As the third rooftop project completed by Ampd for Cavcorp, Luminare aimed to replicate the success and ambience of the previous Le Bain project while presenting its own unique and enchanting characteristics.

Luminare Rooftop AV Install by Ampd Electronics in Brisbane


Luminare stands as a testament to Cavorp’s unwavering commitment to exquisite craftsmanship, pioneering design concepts and unparalleled engineering. Continuing their legacy of crafting luxurious and groundbreaking spaces, Luminare emerges as a new pinnacle in architectural excellence in the Brisbane landscape. This fifteen-story marvel showcases a collection of 214 exceptionally crafted 2 and 3-bedroom luxury residences.

Situated in the heart of Newstead, Luminare boasts a rooftop retreat that provides an urban oasis with panoramic views of the Brisbane skyline. This elevated paradise features a 35m heated infinity pool replete with underwater audio, a mesmerising glass bottom and cantilevered edge, private fitness facilities equipped with cutting-edge Technogym equipment from Italy, thermal suites for rejuvenation, and alfresco kitchens for culinary indulgence with family and friends.

Cavcorp’s unwavering commitment revolves around the creation of opulent and innovative spaces, and Luminare is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the quality of life through architectural excellence.

Luminare Rooftop Pool

The Challenge

Luminare presented a fresh set of challenges that required Ampd's expertise to address. The project involved creating an integrated audio-visual system that harmoniously swept across multiple spaces within the rooftop’s unconventional architectural layout. This included the installation of specialised audio equipment in unusual spaces, such as the sauna, steam room, and 35m heated infinity pool. Additionally, the inclusion of speakers within the lifts was an innovative twist that demanded a punctilious approach to design and implementation.

The challenge was not just about technical installation but also about designing an automation solution that catered to the private dining area's lighting, air conditioning, and audio needs. Similarly, Cavcorp sought a streamlined single touch point solution that would offer users a convenient and user-friendly interface, enabling them to effortlessly oversee and manage the entire system while preserving the opulent ambience.

Our Solution

Collaborating closely with our clients to truly understand and anticipate their unique needs is an integral part of our approach at Ampd. Having successfully completed two previous rooftop projects for Cavcorp, we possess a deep understanding of their commitment to superior craftsmanship and the creation of high-quality luxury spaces.

In overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from the initial design phase to comprehensive project management and completion, our dedicated team was able to implement the highest calibre of design and intuitive integration of audio-visual equipment to complement Luminare’s rooftop oasis.

Our technicians installed custom brackets engineered to ensure correct positioning while maintaining a sleek and harmonious aesthetic that seamlessly aligns with the rooftop’s luxury environment. To unify the indoor and outdoor spaces, including the pool, lift, sauna, steam room and dining rooms, we implemented a series of Martin Audio CDD6 speakers, including weatherised units, Sonance VP66R ceiling speakers, Oceanears underwater speakers and Biamp Marine ceiling speakers to craft a cohesive and immersive experience for residents throughout the entire space.

Complementing this expansive system, we introduced Q-SYS 8-inch touch screen with a custom interface. These intuitive interfaces were strategically placed for easy operation of all equipment throughout the space, offering not only user-friendly control but also the flexibility to manage individual zones as needed. Similarly, residents can effortlessly stream wireless music, benefited from automatic volume adjustments at predefined intervals, and swiftly make on-the-fly modifications to cater to daily variables.

Luminare Gym with Ampd Speaker Installation

1 x QSC Core110f 
3 x TSC 80wG2 
1 x Rapix 4 Zone Dali controller 
4 x Martin Audio CDD6 
10 x Martin Audio CDD6-WR 
10 x Sonance VP66R Ceiling Speakers  
2 x Biamp CM60DTD Ceiling Speakers

2 x Sonance S43 Speakers  
2 x Bose DM2C Ceiling Speakers  
4 x Biamp Marine Ceiling Speaker 
3 x QSC CXD4.3 Amplifiers  
1 x Samsung 75” Frame TV 
2 x Oceanears Underwater Speakers 

1 x Samsung 65” Commercial Display 
1 x Powersoft Mezzo Amplifier  
6 x Biamp CM60DTD Ceiling Speakers 

Full Dali lighting control via QSYS Control for private dining room   
Full TV control via QSYS  
AirConditioning Control via QSYS 
Fireplace Control via QSYS  

Lumaire Rooftop Entertainment by Ampd

Private Dining Automation

As part of our commitment to enhancing the resident experience at Luminare, we implemented state-of-the-art automation control within the private dining space using the Q-SYS platform. This contemporary feature combines intelligent lighting and air conditioning systems to provide the utmost comfort and convenience.

Lighting Control: Our automation solution allows residents and guests in the private dining area to comfortably adjust lighting levels to suit any occasion. Whether it's an intimate dinner for two or a vibrant gathering of friends, the lighting can be tailored to create the perfect atmosphere. With pre-set scenes and customisable options, the private dining room can be transformed with a simple touch, ensuring a memorable dining experience every time.

Atmosphere Automation: Comfort is paramount, and our system ensures it's maintained at an optimal level. In the private dining space, the intelligent air conditioning system is seamlessly connected to our user-friendly touch-screen control interface, enabling effortless and precise temperature adjustments. Residents and building management have the freedom to set their preferred temperature, and the system takes care of the rest, ensuring a consistently pleasant environment.

Moreover, our commitment to comfort extends to the private dining fireplace, which is connected to the same custom system. Through our intuitive interface, residents can fine tune their environment for the perfect level of warmth and ambiance for any occasion.

This advanced automation not only elevates the private dining experience but also contributes to energy efficiency by ensuring that lighting, air conditioning, and the fireplace are only active when needed, aligning with sustainable practices while delivering uncompromised comfort.

Luminare Private Dining by Ampd

Background Music by Audalize

To create a truly enchanting atmosphere, we partnered with Audalize, a leading music service provider dedicated to enhancing customer experiences through the power of music. Audalize offers a comprehensive solution that goes above and beyond sound, allowing our clients to craft the perfect soundtrack for their unique environment.

Boasting an extensive music library of over 35 million songs, a versatile jukebox feature, and a collection of 400+ expertly crafted music playlists, Audilize’s rich selection empowers our clients to set the mood from luxurious rooftop pool party to serene spa and tranquil dining.

Ampd's integration of these elements extends beyond audio, creating a harmonious and immersive experience for guests with every aspect of the ambience tailored to perfection.

The Results

Ampd's meticulous design and attention to detail has helped elevate the Luminare project into a truly unique and awe-inspiring pinnacle of luxury excellence. The rooftop now boasts a cutting-edge and enveloping audio-visual experience that flawlessly unifies the luxurious space. The specialised equipment, such as underwater speakers, sauna installations and dining automation, set Luminare apart as a truly exceptional and considered holistic experience.

The Luminare rooftop project serves as a shining example of Ampd's commitment and expertise in crafting tailor-made audio-visual solutions that enrich architectural spaces and deliver unparalleled experiences while perfectly encapsulating the client’s vision. By understanding Cavcorp's needs and leveraging advanced technology, Ampd can create audio-visual marvels that transcend the ordinary.

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Luminare Lobby

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