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Ampd worked with Slipstream and Mighty Craft to outfit their newly renovated family-friendly brewpub with immersive Bose audio to create a vibrant atmosphere and engaging experience .


Inspired by the American beer scene and brewing since 2017, Slipstream Brewing Co. has been one of Brisbane's most popular brewpubs and a nationally recognised producer of sessional beers, including brewery-exclusive small-batch brews.

After their recent partnership with Mighty Craft, a craft beverage collective dedicated to supporting and growing independent craft breweries and distilleries, Slipstream began their roll out of a $1.5m extension and upgrade to expand their hospitality service, as well as ramping up production capacity to meet increasing consumer demand for their CPG offering.

Slipstream's new brewpub has been integrated into the existing brewery space to create a family friendly, boutique brewery and cellar door located in Brisbane's Yeerongpilly.

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The Challenge

The nature of customer experience and consumer expectation is changing the hospitality landscape. Customers have many options across a broad range of service offerings and hospitality environments are struggling to figure out ways to differentiate themselves and create experiences that resonate with consumers.

Some venues still rely on simple Bluetooth speaker configurations to distribute audio, which often fails to create an engaging atmosphere and can cheapen the overall experience for customers.

The challenge with audio is compounded when spaces initially intended for different use cases are repurposed into hospitality environments. In Slipstream's case, their building was initially designed to be used as an industrial shed and workshop. Coupled with the long and narrow shape of the building, the range of disparate materials, and the many hard surfaces created an environment that made delivering quality audio with even coverage a significant challenge.

Likewise, renovations and upgrades expanded the space to accommodate 250+ patrons and needed to be able to deliver seamless high-quality audio across the entire venue, both inside and outside.

An additional challenge for the project was distance and communication. Mighty Craft, who were responsible for heading up the new fit out, were based in Melbourne and needed a reliable local integrator with high-quality workmanship they could trust and work closely with. This relationship also needed to extend beyond design and installation into selecting appropriate available products for the project that would meet their budget and quality standards.

Our Solution

Our primary goals were to deliver consistent, low latency audio across the entire space while delivering a high quality audio experience without drawing away from the venue's overall design aesthetic. Additionally, we wanted to deliver a system that was simple to use and scalable while allowing seamless integration for performers.

– 1x PowerSpace P21000A Amplifier
– 1x PowerSpace P4300A Amplifier
– 1x ControlSpace ESP-880AD Engineered Sound Processor
– 1x ControlSpace CC-64 Control Center
– 2x ControlSpace WP22BU-D Dante Wall Plates

– 13x DesignMax DM6SE Surface-Mounted Loudspeaker
– 1x DesignMax DM10-Sub Surface-Mounted Subwoofer
– 3x DesignMax DM2C-LP In-Ceiling Loudspeaker
– 1x Yamaha WXAD-10 MusicCast Wireless Streaming Adapter

Slipstream brewery audio visual installation by Ampd Electronics

Outfitting the space for audio coverage and performance

We chose the Bose DesignMax speakers, coupled with the Bose PowerSpace amplifiers, to evenly deliver high-quality audio throughout the venue.

The DM6SE Speakers were chosen for this project due to the rich and clear audio performance along with the premium aesthetics that complement the installation.

The Bose PowerSpace amplifiers provide built in EQ and protection parameters for speakers across the entire venue allowing us to tune the system for the room environment to provide the optimal results.

Combining the right speakers and amplifiers not only ensures excellent audio quality, but provides cost-effectiveness and infrastructure longevity into the future.

Independent zone control

For larger venues, incorporating the ability to individually control audio throughout different zones within the space is vital. Outdoor environments could need louder output levels than indoor spaces, and the ability to individually control separate zones provides that flexibility.

The Bose ControlSpace's free app provides Slipstream with a single point of control for the entire system via a simple graphical user interface. This gives Slipstream a wholistic view of their system, while providing control over each individual element.

In addition to the Bose ControlSpace app, we included the versatile ControlSpace CC-64 control center. This gives Slipstream a centralised and hardwired point of control over the entire system, while acting as an additional layer of redundancy to the phone and tablet-based control. This ensures, no matter what circumstances may arise, that Slipstream are in full control of their system at all times.

Bose control and multi IO ports for Slipstream Brewery by Ampd Electronics

Creating a seamless space for performers

By installing the cost-effective, multi-I/O ControlSpace Dante Wall Plates, performers are able to quickly and easily connect to the entire in house system. This not only saves time and setup costs, but ensures performers are heard across the entire venue.

This implementation provides connectivity, power and data through a single installation point and CAT cable, eliminating the need for costly and interference-prone analog wiring.

Expansion capabilities

As Slipstream is a growing business, expanding both their physical space and service offering, it was important to include technology that wouldn't limit their continued growth into the future.

With this in mind, we selected the Bose ESP-880AD to provide maximum I/O and the additional flexibility of Dante, which would enable Slipstream to expand their infrastructure without the audio Processor becoming a limiting factor.

The Results

Through partnering with Slipstream, we were able to deliver a comprehensive system that disperses audio evenly across the large venue space, spanning both an indoor and outdoor environment, to ensure a consistent and satisfying customer experience.

The system design also leaves plenty of room for growth and easily facilitates future expansions, upgrades and renovations.

Likewise, by implementing centralised touch screen control, replete with additional hardwired redundancy layers, Slipstream are in full control of their entire system 24/7 via a simple and easy to use interface.

The complete system gives Slipstream a powerful tool to shape and control the venue's atmosphere, influence and enhance customer experience, and create a unique environment that stands out in a crowded market.

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