Audio Visual Design

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Audio & Lighting Design

From specialist lighting and audio design to custom large scale visuals, we help you fully realise your vision with creative and technologically advanced AV design services.

Benefit from our years of AV experience, backed by our industry technical qualifications and certifications, and gain the competitive edge to achieve the results you dream of at prices you can afford. 

The Ampd Advantage

When you partner with us early in your project, we’re able to provide a deeper understanding and insight into your overall technical, operational, and experiential needs. We help you design an audio visual environment that reflects the quality of your business while creating a unique and immersive atmosphere. 

Through partnering with a single-source provider, you gain access to everything under one roof. From concept and AV planning to audio visual design, equipment sourcing, installation, integration and post-installation servicing. 

AV Design Solutions

Our team provides specialised AV design solutions across a wide variety of industries including restaurants and retail, theatres, galleries, theme parks, event spaces, schools and more.
  • Detailed AV planning
  • Specialist lighting design
  • Commercial audio design
  • Innovative AV design
  • Custom audiovisual manufacturing design
  • Lighting visualisation
  • Lighting design
  • Sound system modeling optimum listening experience
  • Design conceptualisation, consultation, and schematics
  • Structural AV design
  • Theatre lighting design
  • Indoor and outdoor AV design

Control System Design

Control systems are there to make your life easier. Part of our design process includes designing control systems that make sense and are right for you.

Our design process for AV controls centres around developing functional and intuitive systems that are simple to navigate and easy to use. We endeavour to use AV design to enhance your experience and the experience of your customers.

Design Details

Complete drawing packages can include builder’s work and works by others to ensure no details are overlooked. Sight-line drawings can also be included to make sure your displays are visible to everyone.

Detailed acoustic modeling ensures even sound coverage so content is heard and understood. Control system planning and documentation ensures the right people have control over the appropriate parts of the system.

Bring your space to life.

Create unique and memorable experiences that get people talking.