Cavcorp reached out to Ampd for help creating a customised, reliable and robust audio visual system that compliments the luxurious French-inspired rooftop oasis while leaving a lasting impact on residents.


Cavcorp is synonymous with fine craftsmanship, design innovation and engineering excellence. Known for creating luxurious and innovative spaces their latest venture, Le Bain, is no exception. Raising the benchmark of architectural excellence with their new sculpted fifteen story tower, Le Bain features 120 elegant one, two and three bedroom apartments.

The complex features a rooftop urban oasis overlooking the Brisbane skyline inspired by the sophisticated beaches of Southern France, replete with heated pool, music streaming, temperature controlled spa baths, private dining room, sun deck with Gandia Blasco sunbeds, sauna, Technogym, barbeque and alfresco dining area.

Cavcorp’s focus is to create luxurious and innovative spaces for a beautiful life.

Rooftop poolside audiovisual Brisbane

The Challenge

When Cavcorp contacted Ampd, they needed help creating a high-quality audio environment that complimented the stunning French-inspired rooftop sanctuary.

Cavcorp wanted to create a custom, fully integrated and automated system that’s easy to use, spanning both an indoor and outdoor environment, that gave both the private dining guests and building management full control over the system, including the ability to wirelessly stream music to the space.

At the end of the day, LeBain needed a solution that added to the tropical poolside atmosphere, without detracting from the spaces’ unique look, inspired by the stunning and sophisticated beaches of the South of France. It needed a way to bring the space to life.

Our Solution

Le Bain Case Study AV Results
Le Bain Case Study AV Results 02

Partnering with our clients to truly understand and anticipate their needs is part of our process at Ampd. As this is now our second rooftop completed for Cavcorp, we have a deep understanding of the high level of innovation and excellence they expect on their projects, and quite frankly we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a result of undertaking the entire process, from the initial design phase, through to project management and closure, our team were able to guarantee the highest quality design and streamlined implementation of Martin Audio speakers with powerful QSC Qsys control.

Le Bain Luxury Rooftop Gym Audio Visual

Our technicians installed custom speaker brackets to deliver the best possible sound coverage while also ensuring a clean finish that complimented the stunning rooftop environment. In order to unify the indoor and outdoor spaces, we implemented a series of Martin Audio CDD6 and CDD5 speakers, including weatherised units, to create a seamless and wholistic experience for residents no matter which part of the rooftop they were enjoying.

To guarantee smooth and simple control over the entire audio system, a custom touch screen UCI was installed in the private dining room and rack to offer residents and building managers full control of the system. Custom control is provided for each individual zone including the television in the private dining room providing full system automation. Also available is wireless music streaming, automatic level adjustments at set times along with quick and simple adjustments that building management can select depending on day to day variables.

Finally, the entire system was tuned to suit the different rooms/listening environments to guarantee the highest quality experience for Le Bain residents.

Our team of skilled designers and technicians work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their goals, using the right combination of leading brands and intelligent solutions to bring their space to life.

The Results

Through our considered and meticulous approach, coupled with our expert knowledge and passion for finding the right solution for our clients, we were able to deliver a high-quality, integrated and seamless audio visual system that compliments the luxurious French-inspired rooftop oasis in Newstead.

Our custom audio visual solution unifies both the indoor and outdoor spaces to create a unique and wholistic experience that transports LeBain residents to the South of France.

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